Our Board of Management and school community believe that a clearly stated and sensibly implemented uniform policy is important for the following reasons:

  • To provide a focus and a sense of identity for students attending the school.
  • To provide an opportunity for parents and staff to instill in the children a sense of pride in their appearance.
  • To prevent excesses in fashion trends and to eliminate competition among students.
  • To provide an economic means of clothing children for school.


  • The Principal is empowered by the Board of Management to implement the approved uniform policy.
  • An explanatory note from parents/ guardians is required to be sent to the Principal if a child is not wearing the correct school uniform.
  • On nominated days designated by the school, (for example school excursions, school masses) parents/ guardians may receive a notification requesting that students all wear the full school uniform or the school tracksuit depending on the day.
  • The school uniform shop, The Schoolwear House, is located at 170 Walkinstown Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 (Contact Number: 01 4566188). The school jumper and the tracksuit top must be purchased at The Schoolwear House. This is the only supplier authorised by the Board of Management. To keep costs to a minimum, all other items may be purchased elsewhere.
  • The school tracksuit is worn on PE days only. These are subject to change.

3rd & 4th Classes – Monday and Thursday

5th & 6th Classes – Tuesday and Friday


Uniform for non-P.E. days

Red jumper with Loreto crest 4/5 year – 10/11 years €26.50
  12/13 years €28.50
  Adult Sizes €32.50
Grey skirt, culottes or trousers    
White shirt (long or short sleeves)    
Elasticated red tie   €4.50
Black, grey, white or red socks/ tights    
Black shoes/ runners with black laces    

Uniform for P.E. Days

The school tracksuit must be worn on P.E. days only.

School tracksuit top with Loreto crest 4/5 year – 10/11 years €16.95
  12/13 years €18.95
  Adult Sizes €18.95
Plain navy tracksuit bottoms    
White Airtex/ polo top    



  • Children are allowed to wear only the permitted jewellery: small ear studs (one in each earlobe), one watch and one ring.
  • Children are not allowed to wear make-up, nail varnish or false nails.


  • Children who come to school in non-uniform clothes may be asked to change into correct uniform from the store if available.
  • Children will remove unpermitted jewellery. This may be confiscated by the class teacher until the end of the day.
  • Persistent wearing of jewellery will result in confiscation until mid or end of term.
  • Pupils wearing nail varnish or makeup will be required to remove it immediately.

Parents are asked to ensure that all articles belonging to each child are clearly marked.