Love, Joy, Kindness, Truth, Hope, Perseverance, Sincerity, Gratitude & Freedom
These are the values we endeavour to teach our girls and boys.

Loreto Philosophy of Education

  • The Loreto Philosophy of Education is centred in God and rooted in Gospel values. Loreto education gives priority to the integration of the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and emotional development of the individual student (Loreto.Kolkata Guidelines)
  • In our school education is for the wholeness and dignity of each class. It is a friendly, welcoming place where staff, children and parents express a sense of warmth, friendship and belonging.
  • The quality of relationship within the entire school community is of a high level. Active partnership between management, staff and parents is encouraged and fostered.
  • We have a committed staff who ensure that the potential of each pupil is recognised, that this potential is nurtured and developed and that each pupil experiences same success. Success at whatever level is acknowledged and rewarded and the self esteem of all pupils is nurtured.
  • Special care and interest is given to children who are in any way disadvantaged or have special needs – physical, material, emotional social or intellectual.
  • The attitudes of love, freedom, justice, sincerity and especially joy are practised and encouraged.
  • Through a gentle yet firm discipline the pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions, to have respect for themselves and others and to realise that rules are there to protect the safety and well being of the school community.
  • As part of the Christian community which is the Church we encourage the practice of Christian values at all times. We celebrate the Liturgical seasons through Eucharistic celebrations, prayer services, drama, assembles, sacrament of reconciliation and music.
  • Members of staff pay great attention to the social development of the pupils, helping them to resolve differences to deal with difficulties in friendships, to relate in an appropriate way both in and out of the classroom and school. Bullying in form is not tolerated.
  • We emphasis the dignity and equality of all people in the school community and while we live in a strong Catholic Christian tradition, cultural and religious diversity is respected.